Roller Skate Bearings

10 products

    10 products
    16mm outer diameter 7mm hole bearing
    167 Roller Skate 7mm Mini Bearings
    from $79.00
    167/688 Roller Skate Mini Bearing Adapter
    The best roller skate bearings
    608 ABEC 5 Roller Skate Bearings
    Bont ABEC 7 roller skate bearings 608
    608 ABEC 7 Roller Skate Bearings
    688 Roller Mini Roller Skate Bearings
    688 Roller Skate Mini Bearings
    from $79.00
    skate board bearing cleaner
    Electronic Roller Skate Bearing Cleaner
    Bont Black series 608 best roller skate bearings
    JESA 608 Black Series Roller Skate Bearings
    JESA 608 Ceramic Roller Skate Bearings
    JESA 608 Ceramic Roller Skate Bearings
    Jesa Bont 688 Steel Bearings
    Roller Skate Bearing press

    Buy the best roller skate bearings. Bont insists on only producing the best roller skate bearings in the world. We partner with the best bearing manufacturers such as Jesa of Switzerland to produce our roller skate bearings. We go the extra mile using premium hardened steel, we double polish the inner race and we use extremely precise balls. The Bont roller skate bearings come with light racing oil rather than grease.  If you are looking to buy the best quad, roller skate, or roller derby bearings, look no further.

    Our roller skate bearings are tested not only by our professional team of roller derby skaters but also by our team of professional inline skaters. Bont inline skaters have set world records on our bearings so you know that they are the highest quality skate bearings in the world. Bont pays meticulous attention to detail when constructing our roller skate bearings. Our Black series and ceramic bearings use high-grade steel with extremely precise balls and fine polishing. Bont roller skate bearings do not come packed with grease that you need to clean out of the bearing. They come pre-lubricated with a light racing oil that is made in Germany by Kluber. This ensures that your roller skate bearings are ready to use straight out of the box.


    We push the limits of technology to help you perform at your best.