Short Track Equipment

28 products

    28 products
    Short Track Speed Skating Sharpening Jig
    Short Track Speed Skating Diamond Stone
    Short Track Speed Skating Ceramic Sharpening Stone
    Short Track Speed Skating Burr Stone
    Premium Ice Skate Backpack
    Sale price $189.99Regular price $228.00 Save $38.01
    Ice Corner Belt
    Ice Speed Skate Corner Belt
    Ice eZeefit
    eZeefit for Ice Skating
    from $31.99 Regular price $33.00 Save $1.01
    Matte White Matte Black
    Short Track Speed Skating Helmet
    Replacement Ice TPU Toe Bumper
    Replacement Ice Skate Toe Bumper
    Short Track Carbon Finger Tips
    Short Track Carbon Fingertips
    short track Carbon Wedges
    Short Track Carbon Wedges (8 pack)
    Short Track Cut Proof Glove
    Short Track Cut Resistant Gloves
    Protective finger tips
    Short Track Protective finger tips
    Inline Speed Skating Allen Key
    Skate Allen Key
    Inline Speed Skating Innersole for Inline Skates
    Skate Innersoles (Pr of 2)
    Inline Speed Skating Water Bottle
    Skate Water Bottle
    Bubblegum Pink Laces Cherry Blossom Pink Cosmo Pink Misty Teal +12
    Waxed Skate Laces
    from $9.50
    Black Silver Gold Misty Teal +7
    Shimmer Waxed Skate Laces
    Snapback Hat
    Skate Snapback Hat
    roller skate hat
    Skate Snapback Hat
    blue-red Bont hat
    Blue/Red Red/Black
    Bont 75 Snapback Hat
    Standard Roller Skates Buckle Kit
    Standard Skates Buckle Kit
    from $0.50
    Neoprene skate cover
    Roller Skate Quadstar Strap
    ICE Skate Velcro Straps (4)
    Skate Rip Jaws
    Bont Skate Rip Jaws
    Black/Pool Party blue Black/Cosmo pink
    Kids Skate Backpack
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    Pro Thermo-mouldable Carbon Shin guards
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    Buy Bont equipment for long track and short track ice speed skating. Buy the following: short track helmet, laces, alley key, carbon wedges, water bottle, replacement bumper, ice corner belt, eZeefit ankle protection, cut-proof gloves, carbon fingertips, backpack and wheelie suitcase. Buy the fastest and best short track and speed skating equipment.

    Bont skate backpacks and skate bags are made by skaters for skaters so we know what you need in your skate bag. We have an abundance of pockets for your helmet, skate tools, and even pockets for your skates so your skate jacket won't get dirty when you carry your skates. We have an assortment of skate tools such as Allen keys for adjusting your short track skates. Our replacement skate buckle kits are perfect for replacing your old skate buckles. 

    Scuff the side of your skate? No problem just glue on some side or toe bumpers. Bont ice skate carbon wedges interlock to form a wedge shape if you need to make a slight angle between your boot and your blade. If your skate innersoles wear out, you can replace them with Bont replacement inline skate innersoles. Our replacement skate innersoles are thin and light yet comfortable. 


    We push the limits of technology to help you perform at your best.