Roller Skate Bearing press

Roller Skate Bearing press
Roller Skate Bearing press

Roller Skate Bearing press

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The Bont Quad Roller Skate Bearing Press is recommended for any roller skater who frequently changes bearings. One end serves to press bearings into your quad wheels, while the opposite end allows for easy bearing removal. The bearing pole is adjustable to suit both 7mm or 8mm bearings.

  • Use: Quad wheels only. Maximum dimension 70x43mm
  • Material: 6061 aluminum and steel 
  • Bearing size: 7mm and 8mm adjustable pole

This bearing press can be used with any 7mm or 8mm skate bearings. It can be used with any brand of roller skate wheels. Save time and effort by using this roller skate bearing press. 

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